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The Rock Climbing Game Made for Real Climbers

No climbing partner? Weather sucks? No rocks? No matter what the reason, Solo Joe provides an entertaining distraction when real climbing is not an option.

If you are a climber, and you're looking for the perfect rest day activity then look no further. This game was specifically designed for climbers, and incorporates many aspects of the sport. In all of its 8-bit glory, this is the next best thing to climbing. Even if you can't climb 5.12, or boulder V10... at least you can Solo Joe 5.15.

Available for Mac and PC, this RPG provides a virtual environment that mimics many aspects of the sport, including trad climbing, sport climbing, and free soloing. With challenging gear placements and a variety of crux types, each of the nearly 200 routes is its own adventure. Level up your character; learn important skills; build an impressive rack; and tackle progressively harder routes.

More Solo Joe?

I am currently researching the possibility of more game development, and looking for feedback. If you are interested in more Solo Joe Climbing, or have an opinion, please take 5 minutes to fill out this short survey.

Keep informed of the progress of this project on the Solo Joe Facebook page.

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